Review: At Season’s End by Eric Hendershot (coming out in May!)

I got a preview copy of “At Season’s End” by Eric Hendershot through Net Galley. This story, releasing from Sweetwater Publishers in May, tells the story of the an itinerant family of farm workers, trying to survive during the Depression. Sal, a teen, and her brother Tim and their parents travel throughout the US, looking for work as fruit pickers. Sal and Tim befriend the children of other workers and Sal falls in love with a young boy whose life her father saves. However, tragedy strikes and Sal and Tim must use their wits to survive, while Sal worries that she’ll never see her beloved Ben again.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, which seems geared towards YA but is billed for “all ages”. The family at the heart of this story is so committed to each other. Their faith is obvious as well (this book has a strong Christian bent). What I found so interesting was how much they enjoyed their migratory existence and how they pretty much went from month to month, not always knowing where money would come from, yet happy nonetheless.

Hendershot’s resume lists several family-friendly books and movies, and I would consider this novel to be among his family-friendly works. It has an emphasis on strong morals and values, and, as noted, an emphasis on Christianity.

It will be coming out in May. Thank you to Net Galley for my copy!

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