REVIEW: The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy (coming out in January!)

Through Net Galley I received a pre-release version of “The Baker’s Daughter” to review. This novel is the story of Elsie Schmidt, a teenage daughter of bakers in WWII Germany (now grown), and Reba Adams, a modern-day, disgruntled newspaper reporter. Their lives intertwine when Reba does a story on Elsie’s Texas bakery. The story is told through a back and forth narrative: Elsie’s story from WWII and Reba’s and Elsie’s story now.

I loved this book! As a lover of historical fiction, I really enjoyed Elsie’s story, (SPOILER ALERT!) her struggle with the beliefs of the Nazi regime, and her hiding of a young Jewish boy in the walls of her bedroom. Reba’s struggles with her life and knowing what she wants in life is indicative of what many people go through. Both main characters are engaging and as a reader I felt sympathy towards them. This was a book I didn’t want to put down!

Sarah McCoy was a new writer for me and I just loved her. This is her second book, so I will seek out her first one.

Highly recommended if you like historical fiction of the WWII period.

Thanks, Net Galley and Crown Publishers for my copy!

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