Quick Review: Tick, Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

I enjoy James Patterson mysteries. When I saw “Tick Tock”, his latest Michael Bennett novel, on the new release shelf at the library I could not help but grab it. This is typical Patterson fare: quick-moving and easy to read. I read my copy in one evening.

This, I believe, is the fourth Michael Bennett mystery. Bennett is a tough NY police detective, widower, and father to a diverse brood of ten adopted children. His grandfather, Seamus – an Irish priest, and Mary Catherine, his attractive Irish nanny, round out the adult regulars in these novels. Bennett’s family and personal life form a back story to the crime that is the center of the novel. In this installment, a copy cat killer is loose in NYC, planting bombs and brutally murdering people. Bennett must figure out the connection between crimes and victims and then stop the killer.

As always, a quick read. Glad I got it from the library, though. Fans of Patterson will probably enjoy it. I’d love to see a movie made of this character as I’d find the family situation interesting and fun on-screen.

Let me know what you think!

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