(Quick) AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Lucy by Laurence Gonzales

I found this set of 9 CD’s at the library and thought it’d be great for car listening. “Lucy” tells the story of a young girl, found in the African Congo after her family is murdered. Her father, a famous scientist, had been studying Bonobos (a type of great ape). Jenny, the scientist who discovers Lucy, takes her home with her to Chicago and tries to find her relatives, all the while forming a bond with the girl. Jenny then discovers that Lucy is actually a “human hybrid” – half human and half Bonobo. This of course leads to all sorts of trouble as the government comes after Lucy, religious groups organize against her, and everything becomes complete turmoil!

I have to say, that I just loved the first half of this book. The two narrators’ voices had the most beautiful cadences and timbres, I could have listened to them all day. I loved Lucy’s integration into modern American society, as she went from quoting Shakespeare to learning slang, having a cell phone, and joining the wrestling team. Lucy makes a best friend and comes to love Jenny. Then things go to pieces. I found the whole last third of the book partly terrifying and partly unbelievable. The hatred portrayed against Lucy was scary, and seemed a bit much at times. The scenes where she is being held at a facility and treated like an animal were disturbing. There seemed to be some messages being sent here by the author, too. The ending wrapped up pretty quick for me.

All in all, I enjoyed my listen, but did enjoy the first half of the book best.

2 thoughts on “(Quick) AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Lucy by Laurence Gonzales

    • I’m sure some people would love it. It’s just more my style to be into the “acculturating to a new culture” part, then the “harrassed and tormented by deranged doctors and government agents” part!
      See you at the BBC next week I hope!

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