Quick Review: The Body in the Gazebo by Katherine Hall Page

Love, love, love these cozies and have read them all! I bought this one for my Kindle so I didn’t have to wait for it at the library.

Faith Fairchild is mixed up in two mysteries this time: someone has stolen a large sum of money from her husband’s parish and the most likely suspect appears to be Faith’s loving and very honest husband, Tom – and – Pix Miller’s mother Ursula revisits a tragedy from the past when her brother was murdered when threatening notes start arriving. Subplots abound as well — little Amy is struggling with some mean girls on the bus and Pix and Sam’s son is getting married in Hilton Head.

I always love a Faith Fairchild mystery – with recipes no less! I had a bit of a time keeping the characters straight for the parish finances mystery (my one beef with the kindle is that I can’t go back and page through things easily!). I loved the historical mystery – which took place in the early 1920’s on Martha’s Vineyard. Learning about Illumination Night and the hearing impaired people on the island was so interesting, too (I hadn’t known that Martha’s Vineyard can be considered the birthplace for the American Deaf culture – found that on google after I read the book).

Another Faith Fairchild mystery solved!!

Let me know what you think!

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