REVIEW: I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

She’s at it again! That Queen of Suspense – Mary Higgins Clark – has penned a new one. These books are always my guilty pleasure read. Perfect for summer or a time when you have a big long chunk of time to read and can plow right through a whole one!

In this latest, her thirtieth it seems, Alexandra “Zan” Moreland, an attractive and intelligent (of course!) interior designer, is dealing with the grief of having had her child kidnapped from Central Park two years earlier. Suspicious purchases suddenly are being made on her accounts and Zan is seen around town (New York) though she claims to have not bought these things or gone to these places. Everyone asks – is she crazy? Zan even begins to doubt her own sanity. Of course, it’s all a big intricate plot, devised to drive her to suicide or her own murder (whichever comes first). And it all typically ends with a great big happy ending!

I have to say, as a MHC fan, the word “far-fetched” immediately pops to mind. It does seem that some of her earlier works were more credible. It was interesting to me that Zan was a typical MHC heroine in that she was pretty and smart, but atypical as others often described her as pathetic, selfish, and whining. Some people hated this woman. Mary usually also has some sort of romance going on, but in this novel it was pretty much on the back burner, then suddenly boom – in the epilogue Zan was in a serious relationship with one of the other characters.

Is this the best Mary Higgins Clark? Not in my opinion. But if you enjoy her, you’ll read it, as I did!! I got mine on my Kindle as I knew the library wait would be weeks!!!

Let me know what you think!

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