Quick Review – Busy Body: An Agatha Raisin Mystery by MC Beaton

Good old Agatha is at it again in this latest installment from MC Beaton. An annoying inspector is quickly dispatched through murder and a newcomer to the village (whom Agatha despises) announces that she knows who killed him (WHY do these people announce they know who the murderer is and then go off to bed for the night? It’s like just ASKING to be murdered!). Well, she is murdered that evening and suspects abound – including her estranged children. Agatha is determined to figure out who the real murderer(s) is and if the two murders are truly linked. Along the way she hires a new apprentice and uses the skills of dear friend Charles.

While I didn’t find the mystery aspect of this novel as satisfying as in the past, it is definitely more of Agatha at her finest! An easy cozy for those who like this series, I got mine at the library.

Let me know what you think!

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