Reviewing Another Cozy — To Have and to Kill: A Wedding Cake Mystery by Mary Jane Clark

My good friend Kym knows I love cozies, and recommended this new series to me. I read the sample on my Kindle (free download of a sample!) and then saw it on the new release shelf at the library. This story certainly has the makings of the beginning of a series as there are several plot lines running throughout.

Piper Donovan is a former soap opera actress who has moved back home with her parents for the time being. She decides to help out in the family bakery, baking and decorating cakes. When her former colleague is killed at a charity event, Piper gets drawn into the investigation. The violence continues and there are a lot of characters — all with motives — to try to keep straight. Meanwhile, Piper gets some help from FBI detective friend — and possible love interest — Jack; and she also has to deal with her mother’s recently diagnosed macular degeneration.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. I liked the character of Piper. One scene that was rather touching to me was how Piper’s parents had repainted her room in preparation for her homecoming — painting it pink. It just seemed like something my own parents would do (or course then I might have to run screaming out of the house — but that’s an entry for another day). Piper’s struggles with being an adult in her parents’ house, and also trying to keep her career going as an actress in NYC, are an underlying current in this book and gives the character more depth than if she was just some female who stumbled across a dead body. I was able to figure out the murderer early on — but primarily because the death was by potassium cyanide. I might have mentioned in one of these posts that I am working on a cozy myself (and have not written a word in three months!). Well, the death is also by potassium cyanide, so I know more than your average random reader might about its uses, etc. and who would be likely to have some on hand, which helped me in my deductions.

Regardless, I enjoyed this read and look forward to more installments in this series!!

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