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Review: Pearl of China by Anchee Min

on January 2, 2011

I gave a mini preview of this wonderful book in my last post, and finished reading it the week after Christmas. I absolutely loved this book — my very first purchase for my Kindle.

“Pearl of China” tells a fictionalized account of Pearl S. Buck’s upbringing in China as told by her childhood friend Willow Yee. Pearl and Willow meet as children – Pearl’s father was an American Missionary living in Willow’s town – and are enemies at first. Their combativeness evolves into friendship and they form a close bond which stays with them throughout their lives.

I found the history in this book so interesting – the Boxer Rebellion, the missionary movement, the Cultural Revolution. Pearl and Willow’s relationship is set against the backdrop of these events. They share the same roots and history – just as they share love for the same man. I found the story of their friendship moving and unforgettable. I was disappointed to discover it was based on a variety of real friendships that Pearl Buck had, and that Willow Yee was a fictional character.

Anchee Min is a beautiful and gifted writer. I have enjoyed her other books and truly enjoyed “Pearl of China” as well.

I’d give it 5 Stars — I loved it so much I have to own it!

One response to “Review: Pearl of China by Anchee Min

  1. Just Mom says:

    I knwo very little about this time in hostory – sounds like it would be a fascinating introduction!

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