Audiobook Review: Running Scared by Lisa Jackson

Well, I can make this review short, even though this audiobook was not! I picked up this book on CD at the library to play in my car. It is 16 (sixteen) disks long (or perhaps I should write looooong). It tells the story of Kate, an attractive, single (recently widowed) woman who illegally adopts a baby, Jon, through her employer and moves to Oregon to raise him and have a private life. Fifteen years later, Jon’s father discovers his existence, as does his grandfather, and the race is on to find him as heir to an empire. Jon, meanwhile, is a typical teenager with a large dose of ESP, apparently inherited from his father.

That’s the gist of the story. I thought it would be entertaining, maybe thrilling, with suspense. Instead it was loooooong. It read as part thriller and large part romance. A huge amount of time was spent retracing Jon’s father’s life (Daegan O’Rourke) as he grew up and then hooked up with his cousin (yikes!) to create Jon. Way way too much time was devoted, in my opinion, to this (almost seven disks if I remember correctly). And let me be honest: I did not need to read so many descriptions of women’s breasts. TMI.

I lost interest in this story and then was not in favor of the outcome (SPOILER ALERT!) as Daegan and Kate hook up and get together (more descriptions of breasts). Jon is kidnapped and retrieved and everyone lives happily ever after.

Let me sum my opinion up in one word: awful.

And, furthermore, I couldn’t stand the narrator’s voice on the tape. It sounded like a voiceover for a commercial — a commercial where the person was pretending to make a commercial (know what I mean?).

The thing is – Lisa Jackson is actually a talented writer. And I know she is a HUGE seller, so perhaps it’s just me who had problems with this book. Or perhaps it was because it was an audiobook. Or perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for the 3 weeks I listened to it. I will probably try her again (deja vu!) but I will read the next one.

Comments appreciated if others of you have read/listened to this or others stories by Lisa Jackson!

Let me know what you think!

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