REVIEW: “Malice” by Lisa Jackson

I had heard of Lisa Jackson, but hadn’t read her novels, so I thought I’d give her a try.

“Malice” is the story of Rick Bentz, New Orleans police officer and guy with a past, who thinks he sees his dead wife everywhere. When people from the past start winding up dead, Bentz works to get to the bottom of the twisted criminal mind behind his “haunting”.

As I mentioned, this was my first Jackson novel (which I found at the library). I like a good thriller (though I don’t like extreme violence) and I particularly like psychological thrillers. This book held my attention and kept me guessing. However, in my opinion, it was TOO LONG (over 400 pages). I don’t mind a long book (look at how I love the “Outlander” series), but I felt the ending just dragged and dragged and then suddenly we tied all the loose ends together in a few paragraphs. Another beef I have with this book (and this is a SPOILER ALERT!): I found the plot totally far-fetched. Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but come on — this was a bit much. I would have found a ghost more believable!! I also felt for Bentz’ current wife who (for some reason) tolerated his chasing after his dead first wife’s ghost and then almost got killed herself.

I did find it entertaining, and I am listening to one on CD in the car right now,too. I will try another of hers in the future.

I’d give it 3 Stars!

Have you read Lisa Jackson’s novels? Which ones do you recommend?

Let me know what you think!

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