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REVIEW: New York by Edward Rutherfurd

on July 18, 2010

I’ve gone two weeks without a post because I’ve been reading Rutherfurd’s latest historical novel — the lengthy (over 800 pages) “New York”. This novel traces the history and development of the city of New York from the early Dutch settlers and Native Americans to 2009. As with other Rutherfurd novels, “New York” traces the lineage of fictional families through the years: primarily the English Master family, but also the Dutch Van Dyck’s, an Irish family, and an Italian family, with other characters along the way playing key roles.

I love Rutherfurd’s novels. I find his attention to historical detail is so expertly woven into the narrative that I’m learning while following an interesting plot line. Of course, I also love, love, love the city of New York, so I found it fascinating to learn of the history of the area’s development. I also loved the true historical characters that play a role in the story: JP Morgan, the Astors and the Vanderbilts, Theodore Roosevelt, etc.

What can I say — like his previous books I’ve read on London and Ireland — Rutherfurd’s novel is historical fiction at its finest!

Yes, it gets my coveted 5 Stars award — “It’s so good I have to own it!” I got mine as a birthday gift.

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