REVIEW: The Quilter’s Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini

Since I loved Chiaverini’s “The Lost Quilter” so much, I grabbed “The Quilter’s Homecoming” from the library. It did not disappoint!

This novel tells the story of Elizabeth and Henry Nelson – newlyweds who leave their Pennsylvania home and family to start a new life on a farm they have purchased in Southern California in the 1920’s. Unfortunately, once they arrive in CA, they realize that they have been scammed and there is no farm to purchase. Their money is gone and they are reduced to working as farm hands and house help on the ranch that they thought was going to be theirs. Living in a tiny cabin, Elizabeth tries to make the best of their situation. She finds two old quilts and repairs them, then realizes that they have a story to tell of  another couple’s lost love and another family who also lost their land.

This was a great piece of historical fiction. I loved it! It kept me interested and reading to the very end. There was a bit of a mystery in it, plus lots of interesting characters. I would recommend it to those who like Chiaverini’s books. (I also appreciate that you don’t really need to read her books in order. Only a few of them go together chronologically).

I would give this novel 4 Stars!

Let me know what you think!

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