Murder on Waverly Place by Victoria Thompson

I love the gaslight mystery series by Victoria Thompson! In these historical cozy mysteries, Sarah Brandt, a midwife in Edwardian era New York, solves mysteries with her friend Frank Malloy, an Irish policeman. “Murder on Waverly Place” is the 11th installment in the series. In this one, Sarah and her mother attend a séance as her mother seeks to reach out to her deceased daughter’s spirit. When an attendee winds up murdered when the lights come up, Sarah works to solve the crime.

Like most cozy mysteries I’ve read, I enjoyed this book a lot. I’ve read all in this series – and I find it helps to read them in order. The first ten books had an underlying theme of Sarah trying to solve the murder of her own husband, a doctor. I love the scenes of 19th century New York and also the precision which Thompson uses to explain the specifics of Sarah’s and Malloy’s careers. These books read quickly and are light and enjoyable. I often am surprised by the ending! My copies come from the library.

I’d give this series 4 1/2 stars!

Let me know what you think!

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