REVIEW: Back Bay by William Martin

On a recent trip to the library, I remembered to look up William Martin’s Back Bay. You might remember that I LOVED both Harvard Yard and Cape Cod by this author. This book was no exception. However, I do wish I had read it first as it introduces the character of Peter Fallon who is the protagonist in all three books I’ve read.

In Back Bay, Fallon is searching through some old documents, trying to get motivated for his thesis, when he uncovers references to a Paul Revere tea set disappearing from Washington in the early 1800’s and possibly being hidden by an old Boston family. Fallon works his way into the Pratt family’s mansion-house by befriending the matriarch, but then sets a chain of events in motion that puts all their lives at risk. The golden eagle tea set was hidden by the family somewhere in the Back Bay area of Boston, and according to Pratt family legend, the clues exist in a variety of places to rediscover it. Fallon finds himself in a race against time – and against some unsavory characters – in his quest to rediscover it.

I loved this book! It was fun to read this first installment and get more of the background on Fallon and his family. I love books that take place in my geographical area, with lots of landmarks I recognize. And I always love a good history mystery! This book was lengthy — almost 450 pages — but it read quickly.

Have you read any of the Martin books? If so, did you enjoy them?

Please forgive the lateness of this review — I got caught up in my next book which I’ll be reviewing soon: Jane Langton’s The Deserter.

One thought on “REVIEW: Back Bay by William Martin

  1. Ah, an old favorite of mine. I bought it for Lauren when she moved into an apartment on Beacon Street in 2006, remembering how much I’d enjoyed it while working on Brimmer Street in Boston. This book had the best explanation of how the buildings are constructed on pilings in the fill, and how important the water table is to keep the pilings from rotting. We actually had an issue in the building at work with this in the 80s and this tidbit of knowledge came in handy. Keep meaning to read his other books. I’m immersed in Diana Gabaldon’s “Voyager” at the moment.. Happy reading!

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