Ruminations on my First Year of Book Blogging…

Well – now that we’re back from visiting relatives and celebrating the holidays I have a moment to tie up the loose ends from 2009! This was my first year of blogging book reviews, and it was a good one. The whole experience started as a New Year’s resolution for me — to try something new that I’d like to do but was intimidated by. Thus, I picked keeping a blog of book reviews, with the hope that someone, somewhere, might actually read it and find it useful. What amazed me is that people actually DO read it, for which I am very grateful. 🙂

This year my goal was to post, on average, once a week and to read approx. 50 books. I actually had 63 posts in 2009 and reviewed 43 individual books and 2 series of books. I read more books that I did NOT review, mainly because I didn’t enjoy them and felt the reviews wouldn’t be value-added to my blog. In the coming year I may add those “read but not reviewed” titles to my blog and plan to add more of the YA and children’s books I read. Also, I’m going to add audiobooks to my list – as soon as I get some! 😉

One of the best parts of this year’s experience was discovering the HUGE community of online book bloggers that are out there. There are SO MANY wonderful, incredible, talented individuals out there reading and reviewing books – and doing lots of other neat and creative things with their blogs (creativity – never easy for me!). I have loved getting to “know” them and follow many of their blogs through my Google Reader. And let me tell you — friends often say to me: “You read more than anyone I know”. Well, I don’t read one half of what some of these other bloggers are reading – I look like a big slacker! I feel so honored to be in amongst such a group of intelligent and enthusiastic readers!

So – moving on to 2010 – I look forward to more reading, more reviews, and trying some new and different things this year.

Happy Reading!! 🙂

One thought on “Ruminations on my First Year of Book Blogging…

  1. This post popped up as a link on one of my posts. I just started a blog a few days ago, and I am doing something similar. I was excited to read your post, and I am hopeful that others will begin enjoying mine soon! I would love any tips you could give me! Thanks!

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