Review: The Hamish MacBeth Series by MC Beaton

As I love the Agatha Raisin series, I thought I’d check out Beaton’s Hamish MacBeth books, too. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are cozy mysteries as well – albeit with a male protagonist. Hamish is the police constable in the small Scottish town of Lochdubh (which I believe is pronounced “lock-doove”). He’s unlucky in love, a bit churlish, devoted to his pets, and always trying to fly under the radar of his stodgy superior. Hamish seeks to stay in Lochdubh and avoid promotion to a bigger town – he loves his little hamlet. The characters of the townspeople are reminiscent of the characters of the PBS series “Ballykissangel” – each unique and some a bit eccentric. Murder seems to find Hamish, and he outwits and solves the killers time and again.

These books are a fun read, and cleverly plotted. I was prepared to not love them as much as Agatha Raisin, but I do! I was excited to see that many have been made into a BBC series, which I rented from Netflix. The television series does not follow the books closely, but was a fun watch, nonetheless.

I highly recommend this series to those who like cozy mysteries! I get all mine from the library.

Let me know what you think!

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