Quick Review: Cape Cod by William Martin

Since I enjoyed “Harvard Yard” so much by Martin, I read his “Cape Cod” this month (my husband had bought it). Martin’s books are long — this one was over 600 pages — but they don’t disappoint. As in “Harvard Yard”, “Cape Cod” follows an item (in this case a diary from the Mayflower) down through the centuries and follows two families whose histories are linked. There is mystery and history intertwined, along with a few thrills and some human interest stories. I loved it!
I’ll have to give it 4 1/2 stars!

3 thoughts on “Quick Review: Cape Cod by William Martin

    • Some of my friends have found his books long, too. I think I particularly like them since I live in Massachusetts and LOVE the history here and his books tie in. 🙂 -beth

      • I like the Cape very much. We go there every year. But Martin didn’t continue with the compelling theme he began with. Too rambling, with uninviting modern characters.

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