Review: Murder Most Maine by Karen MacInerney

On a recent trip to the library, I picked up Murder Most Maine since it looked entertaining, not gory, and not too long (under 300 pages). It turns out that this book is the third in the Gray Whale Inn series, mysteries that involve Natalie Barnes, the innkeeper of the historic Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island, Maine. In this installment, Natalie is hosting an upscale weight loss retreat at her inn, when Dirk, the handsome trainer, is found poisoned and Natalie’s boyfriend is named a suspect, throwing the inn (and Natalie) into a tizzy. A secondary storyline runs throughout the book as well, as a 150-year-old skeleton is found in the local lighthouse and Natalie decides to do some additional sleuthing.

I’ve discovered that these books are part of the literary genre known as “cozy mysteries”. I personally had never heard that term before. A cozy mystery (according, in part, to is a mystery that usually features a heroine, in a small town or village, who is a typical citizen, yet she has the propensity to “find” mysteries and enjoys enjoys being an amateur sleuth. Cozy mysteries may contain murders, but they aren’t graphic, overly violent, or otherwise extremely disturbing (my prior review of the Agatha Raisin books would fit these qualities).

I really enjoyed reading this novel. It reminded me of the Faith Fairchild mysteries which I also enjoy and which also feature recipes at the end. I definitely look forward to getting books 1 and 2 of this series!

I give it 4 Stars!

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