Picture Book Review: TWO PARROTS by Rumi and Rashin

I was contacted by a publicist to see if I would like to review the picture book TWO PARROTS, and I was able to get a (free) signed copy of this book when attending BEA in May.

This is a classic Persian tale, retold and illustrated. In the story, a parrot is owned by a wealthy merchant and kept in a cage. He has everything he wants – except his freedom. He manages to trick the merchant into setting him free so that he can be with his friends again and not live in a cage. The merchant learns a valuable lesson as well.

This was a fun book with spirited, cartoon-like drawings. I had not heard this story before, and discovered that Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet. I think that it would be a good book to share in the classroom with young ones, or to have in a collection of stories from around the world for older children to read. The brightly colored illustrations are almost like cartoons, which gives the book a festive air.

Ms. Rashin was quite lovely and gracious when I briefly met her. I wish her success on her US debut!