I love the Mitford books.

I’ve read the whole series and I find them so comforting. I love the characters, but I also really appreciate how time passes in these books – people die, babies are born, people move away. It is truly like a slice of life. And of course I just love the characters of Father Tim and Cynthia.

This time I picked up this novel as an audiobook via my local library. It was read by John McDonough, who has read some of the other Mitford books for audio. My family and I enjoyed his “grandfatherly” tone and expressiveness.

In this installment, Father Tim and Cynthia have returned to Mitford after being away in Ireland. Several of the characters are struggling with issues. Dooley and Lace are deciding whether they should get engaged. Dooley’s brother is struggling with some of his own inner demons. The woman who owns the Happy Endings bookstore is worried about her unborn baby’s development. And the local newspaper poses the question that has the whole town talking: “Does Mitford still take care of its own?”

There are lots of other little subplots and stories throughout, with Father Tim at the hub of it all. As I said before, I love these stories, and it looks like a brand new one will be coming in the fall!

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