Blog Tour for Robyn Carr’s Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the blog tour for this book. I love stories about sisters (I have two myself) and I love when books have women starting over in mid-life successfully (let’s just say I relate). These characters were very likable and there was a theme of finding oneself and also forgiveness in this novel, and it made me love it even more.

Thank you for letting me be part of the Harlequin tour for this book and for my e-copy!

Highly recommended for a clean read about women starting anew, family, friendship, romance, and life!

Also – hope I can say this – this is not your mother’s Harlequin. Back in the 1970’s/80’s Harlequin paperbacks were pretty racy looking and seemed like they could be “fluffy”. I love their current line of novels that feature strong women that are over 35 and dealing with life’s obstacles.


Sometimes the happiness we’re looking for has been there all along…

Adele and Justine have never been close. Born twenty years apart, Justine was already an adult when Addie was born. The sisters love each other but they don’t really know each other.

When Addie dropped out of university to care for their ailing parents, Justine, a successful lawyer, covered the expenses. It was the best arrangement at the time but now that their parents are gone, the future has changed dramatically for both women.

Addie had great plans for her life but has been worn down by the pressures of being a caregiver and doesn’t know how to live for herself. And Justine’s success has come at a price. Her marriage is falling apart despite her best efforts.

Neither woman knows how to start life over but both realize they can and must support each other the way only sisters can. Together they find the strength to accept their failures and overcome their challenges. Happiness is within reach, if only they have the courage to fight for it.

Set in the stunning coastal town of Half Moon Bay, California, Robyn Carr’s new novel examines the joys of sisterhood and the importance of embracing change.

Author Bio:

Robyn Carr is an award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than sixty
novels, including highly praised women’s fiction such as Four Friends and The View From
Alameda Island and the critically acclaimed Virgin River, Thunder Point and Sullivan’s Crossing
series. Virgin River is now a Netflix Original series. Robyn lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit her
website at

Quick Review: X by Sue Grafton


Okay – let’s be honest – I have read ALL the Sue Grafton mysteries. I love these books and I love the character of Kinsey Millhone. I’m always so excited when a new one gets published. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when she reaches “Z”.

The intrepid Kinsey is back and at it in this fun, fast mystery. Kinsey is helping out a former colleague (Pete’s) widow with some old paperwork when she comes across a list of women’s names written in code. Who are they and what do they have in common? Does it tie into an investigation that was ongoing at the time of Pete’s death? Meanwhile, she is also tracking down a lost child (now adult) and dealing with high maintenance new neighbors, all the while being her plucky and down to earth self.

I really enjoyed this installment in the series. Some of these books I’ve liked more than others and this was one on the “liked it!” end of the continuum. It did not tie up neatly at the end and I was okay with that.

I purchased this one as I couldn’t find it in a preview copy for reviewers.