I’ll Be Seeing You by Elizabeth Berg


The beloved New York Times bestselling author tells the poignant love story of caring for her parents in their final years in this beautifully written memoir.

I’ll Be Seeing You moved me and broadened my understanding of the human condition.”—Wally Lamb, author of I Know This Much Is True

Elizabeth Berg’s father was an Army veteran who was a tough man in every way but one: He showed a great deal of love and tenderness to his wife. Berg describes her parents’ marriage as a romance that lasted for nearly seventy years; she grew up watching her father kiss her mother upon leaving home, and kiss her again the instant he came back. His idea of when he should spend time away from her was never.

But then Berg’s father developed Alzheimer’s disease, and her parents were forced to leave the home they loved and move into a facility that could offer them help. It was time for the couple’s children to offer, to the best of their abilities, practical advice, emotional support, and direction—to, in effect, parent the people who had for so long parented them. It was a hard transition, mitigated at least by flashes of humor and joy. The mix of emotions on everyone’s part could make every day feel like walking through a minefield. Then came redemption.

I’ll Be Seeing You charts the passage from the anguish of loss to the understanding that even in the most fractious times, love can heal, transform, and lead to graceful—and grateful—acceptance.

I LOVE Elizabeth Berg’s writing and have read all her books (seriously!). This was a bit of a departure as it’s a memoir about her parents and their care as they became elderly. This is a touching and heartfelt story, and one that sure to resonate with those who have experienced their own parents’ aging and needs. In some way, this story is a story many of us share, those of us who were raised by WWII parents, who saw them live out their years together and then have one become not able to continue to live independently, who struggled with seeing them adjust to the changes that aging brings, who came to see their parents in a whole new light.

Touching and honest, I highly recommend it for those facing a similar situation.

Thank you for my review copy.