Quick Review: Death of a Chimney Sweep by MC Beaton

You know I love my cozies — and I love the Hamish MacBeth series — so I was thrilled to see a new one out this month by MC Beaton. In this installment, the local chimney sweep is found dead and the homeowner has been killed and stuffed up his chimney. Hamish has to figure out who is behind the murders and why – all the while more murders are taking place of folks who are coming too close to the answer.

If you love this series, you’ll probably enjoy this latest addition. I liked it, but I would have liked to not know who the murderer is so soon in the book. In that way, we were “following” the murderer as he planned more crimes and tried to escape, instead of reading and trying to figure out “who dunnit”.

All the favorite characters are back, though, including Hamish’s lost loves!

I got this one on the Kindle – found it one night when I was up at 3 am!